Sunday, 29 April 2012

Flower making

As I promised in my earlier blog, this is the steps on how I made my flowers in my Flowers and Butterfly blog post. I was taught this awhile ago, it was at a shop (stand) in the city- but it is no longer there anymore. :(  I have never really described how to do this in writing, so I hope that I can explain this clearly. I'm uploading pictures too, sorry about the lighting (my table lighting is yellow).

1. What you need: Flower punch, and quilling stick

2. Cut 5 flowers with the flower punch 

3. Make a hole in 4 out of the five flowers . On the last one, cut from the outside to the middle, and stick with glue the parts marked x together.
If you stick x with x it should look like this.

 4. On the four flowers, stick x with x

5. Continue adding the other flowers, layer by layer, so if you pull it slightly it would be like a spiral.

6. With the quilling stick curl the flowers like you would do in quilling. 

what it should look like.
 7. Add glue on the flower ( I placed mine in the middle, but just play around with it, especially if you want to angle your flower to face a certain way)

8. And stick your curled flower in!! And this is the final product..

I hope that helps, I am not very good at describing things, so I hope the picture helps.

<3 Keke

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Flowers and Butterflies

And its Sunday already!! Another week has gone by, and exams are just in few weeks time!! I wish time would slow down. Today I am entering my cards in for Less is more challenge and CAS-ual Friday Challenge. Below is the sketch for Less is More, and CAS-ual Friday's theme is Flowers and Trees.
The card took longer a while to make, I think it is because of I had to make and arrange the flowers ( I will make a blog post about I how I made it tonight or tomorrow).  Nevertheless I am happy with the outcome. :D

And here is my card..

Close up

<3 Keke

Friday, 27 April 2012

Stencil Rose Bud

    I was skimming through the blogging world the other day, and I found the site Pie Lane, and they have a stencil challenge, so I am entering this card in! I am also entering it to Cas-ual Friday's challenge CFC50, their them is flowers or trees.
    I have never really thought of using stencils before, and I don't think I've actually used it since maybe primary school?- well long time ago..!! well I chose to do my card base on a rose bud, from useless craft. And I have, to say I had so much fun with this card :D and Tadaaa....

what it looks like over all

All my trials.. I decided to add a leaf (I just drew it myself) to add more colour

Close up :D

 <3 Keke

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Love Birds

It's ANZAC day today, so classes are cancelled, but I am still in uni for a group assignment and to use the internet (mine died, last night and it still wasn''t working this morning :( ). Today's card is for the CAS-ual Friday Challenge (CFC49). Here is their theme...

The birds was something I got from Holiday Crafts and Creations, i just made the birds smaller, and cut them out (the birds is from a macaroon box that my friend gave me- with a macaroon in it hehe) . I thought about adding the tree branch, but I didn't want to add an extra colour to the theme. So this is how it turned out...

close up :)

<3 Keke

Monday, 23 April 2012

Daisies in Pots

I am entering this card into Play Date Cafe Challenge (PDCC128) this week. I love the colours they chose. It works so well together and it's so bright. I bought the daisy punch a while ago and I haven't gotten a chance to use it yet, and I have been wanting to make a card with flowers in a pot for awhile.. so this is the card..

<3 Keke

Thursday, 19 April 2012

You are my Ray of sunshine on a cloudy day

I must be going crazy or I AM crazy (haha), I made another card, and I am entering it to ColourQ and retro sketches. Here is there theme respectively

I have admit, I was very uncertain about how I would go with the colours, I would say the colours are outside my comfort zone. But after seeing the colour combinations in the past few weeks, I didn't want to wait another week to try out for ColourQ. I also used an over-head slide for my card this week, so you can see through the card. So this is what I came up with..

This is what it looks like flat

Front view See though

Front view with the inside

The inside - both left and right it says 'You are my Ray of Sunshine on a cloudy day'

Some might be wandering whats with the stick figure drawing? Well I sprained my ankle about a week ago, and my boyfriend (his name is Raymond- hence Ray haha) has been helping walk around Uni, in the terrible rainy weather that Sydney is having. Since we both seem to draw ourselves as stick figures , I added a stick figure of myself- haha

Raymond says some of my photos have bad lighting and is not good qualities, my apologies- my photography skills aren't great-  Thanks for Looking :)

<3 Keke

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Home Sweet Home

I have decided to enter Cas-ual Fridays Competition this week. Their theme is opposites attract. I decided to do a pink and green card. Its a green background with the words 'Home Sweet Home' (which I got from when I was on Powerpoint), and a house that I did on Paint (yes- an old program,- but something I really enjoy using). I added a black layer, before placing it on white card stock, as I thought it added an extra 'pop' to the colours.

So here it is...

 A closer look at the house and writing..

<3 Keke

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Something for my mum : )

I decided to enter my first card making competition at 'Less is More' their theme is a one layer card, with doodling :) There are so many Mother's Day advertisement, so I decided that I would make a card for my mum (and since I haven't made her anything for awhile as well :( )

Here is my original and VERY rough sketch.

And the outcome...!! Tada.. Its very simple card, I am really surprise at how the writing came out, especially since in my opinion, my handwriting is very poor. I also coloured the heart and added a little bit of glitter. Apart from that everything else is just coloured pencils and black ink pen.

<3 Keke

Friday, 13 April 2012


My mid-term break ends in a day!! and Uni will start again on Monday :(. Its been too quick and I feel like I need more time to catch up in my studies. Despite my 'busy' schedule I had the urge to make a card today, so I did. : )

I made this one today- it looks kinda plain on the top, so I might add some sentiments, when the time comes. When I was in Indonesia, I bought 'Liquid Pearls' by Ranger (here's a link for the product That is white dots on the left cupcake. It is a nice touch up to things : )

Here is another cupcake card that I made a few weeks ago, just before Easter for my friend's birthday.

<3 Keke

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A house, and another house and MORE houses!!

So I have decided today to upload 'houses' that I made in the pass prior to creating this blog..!! As my collection of goods is very small, I had to actually measure and cut these by hands- so some of it took lots of time- BUT they turned out alright : ) so I am glad!! 

I made this one for my friend, who moved houses as a housewarming card. The hardest part was the roof for the windows, it took so long to stick them, and as you can see the cardboard (red one) was actually very thick. And as it was very thick, there was no envelope or anything.

This one too was for another housewarming, its fairly simple card (apart from the measuring of the house), and I LOVE how the blue works so well with the orange. The picture is not very clear, as I took the picture with my phone, but its still a cute house i reckon :D
The third card I made it earlier this year or late December last year while i was overseas in Indonesia. I like how its plain and simple, the roof took the most time, because I dont have the cutting tool :( so I had to do it the old fashion way, where I folded the paper and in parts and made a chain. I am not sure about the flowers on these either, i wanted it to be simple, so i just hand drew it, but I am not sure if its a positive or negative thing :/

This is my most recent 'house' that I made. I got the template from the website has the nicest templates for HEAAPPPSS of stuff and I am soo glad i found her website. There is sooo many ideas I want to try, but haven't gotten around to it yet, but take a look, maybe you will find some new inspiration

<3 Keke

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A late Easter Card

Just before Easter I made this Easter card..!! I love the baby chicken he is soo cute. I found the picture on Google, but here is the original link I am really happy on how the card turned out : ) 

 Kaiser Craft - Sugar Sugar Collection Buttercream 
 Kaiser Craft - Sugar Sugar Sprinkles (feet and beak)
Morning Glory Letter Set
baby pink and navy blue cardboard

Happy Crafting 
<3 Keke

Monday, 9 April 2012

Chocolate card : )

this was one of my first cards!! I made it about a year ago, before I really developed my interest : ) its a card with a Darrell Lea chocolate hearts. I didn't eat the chocolate, but I am sure it tasted good ;)


The envelope : )