Monday, 14 May 2012


I am glad one assignment is over (there are still a few more to go-haha), but since I finished it I had enough time to make a card yesterday :) Its a card I made with my new Jane's Doodles stamp Pretty Peonies- I had been waiting for them all week, and then I realised they had arrived, but was in the wrong mail pile. Anyway, I made this card for my grandma, its a thank-you card, she has done so much for me (I lived with her since I was 8). So here it is... 

I still have to work on my colouring in skills :/

<3 Keke


  1. Just GORGEOUS! I hope you upload all your Jane's Doodles creations on our Flickr Gallery..


Thank-you for your comments, I really appreciate it <3