Saturday, 23 June 2012

Embossed Circle Punch Heart

Hello! I am back with another card today. Today's card is for the Runway Inspired Challenge. I saw the shoes, and it was just gorgeous. The  colours looks amazing!. With the colours, I embossed the paper (my first time embossing for a card), and then punched them with circle punch and shaped them so its a heart shape. Its actually a card I made for my boss, who recently got engaged. So Congratulations to him and his partner :)

Its on it's side, I cant rotate the picture, but you can see the embossed patterned on this :)
<3 Keke

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Doily Card

My Semester 1 has final ended- one semester to go before I finish Uni as whole! How time goes sooo fasst!! Talking bout time, I was going to experiment with my new cuttlebug (my boyfriend bought it for me as an early birthday present- such a thoughtful gift ;))- but I didnt get around to it :(- BUT I did get to make two cards my doily stamps :) Im entering it to Less is More - something Shiny and The Play Date Cafe - black, white and a splash of blue. For the Shiny its the embellishment I placed, and My paper (the white) its actually kinda sparkly, but I dont think it comes through in the picture.

This is the card I am entering for both Less is More and Play Date Cafe

Initially This was the card that I was going the enter, but then I realised its not really a 'splash' of blue anymore..
<3 Keke

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Ice-cream and acetate!

Ohh Its Thursday how time flies! I made this card for the Cas-ual's Friday Challenge - Clear as Day- I decided to use acetate on my card. As you can see its a ice-cream- it just shows how much I miss summer!!- Its so hard to get up in the morning during the winter days :( 
After a long debate with myself, I decided to stick the cardboard to the acetate together, so you cant actually write in between the ice-cream. I thought it gave it more defined look. I also decided to give the ice-cream some patterns to make it more fun!- oohh how I miss my summer!!

Who wont be happy when they have ice-cream ;)

This is the back, I left it blank, as I have alot of 21st Birthdays coming up, and I tend to fill the whole card up
<3 Keke

Framed Flowers

I'm in the middle of finishing my take home final exam for taxation. But I thought I'll finally upload these. These were flowers I made, during my summer break, I didn't upload them earlier, as one of them was a 21st birthday present, and I just gave it to her. I didn't get to take a picture of the flowers framed and completed, but my friend is going to take a picture of it for me and I will upload it then. :D The first picture is one I took with my camera phone- so its bad quality!

Compiling the flowers

How it looked when it came together

Another one I made

Close up

Another one that I made. The hardest part was the 'basket', as my cardboard was thick.

 Hopefully I can have sometime to  make a card later on tonight *fingers cross

<3 Keke

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Let's Party - Spotty Birthday Hat

There's a few birthdays coming up. So I have decided to start early!! After being away for exams- It feels good to be back, and as I said in my previous blog, I have one more to go YAY :D. I used the Cas-ual's Friday Theme: Sweet Spot, and made a party hat :D

<3 Keke

Stencil rose - Thank-you

It's been two weeks-ish since my last post!! I didn't abandon my blog or anything!- But i had exams, and I still have one more take home exam for taxation- but I took a 'break' and decided to make a car. This is a thank-you card I made because my sis ask me to make one for her. 
I used the same stencil as my other stencil rose (click here).

<3 Keke