Sunday, 29 April 2012

Flower making

As I promised in my earlier blog, this is the steps on how I made my flowers in my Flowers and Butterfly blog post. I was taught this awhile ago, it was at a shop (stand) in the city- but it is no longer there anymore. :(  I have never really described how to do this in writing, so I hope that I can explain this clearly. I'm uploading pictures too, sorry about the lighting (my table lighting is yellow).

1. What you need: Flower punch, and quilling stick

2. Cut 5 flowers with the flower punch 

3. Make a hole in 4 out of the five flowers . On the last one, cut from the outside to the middle, and stick with glue the parts marked x together.
If you stick x with x it should look like this.

 4. On the four flowers, stick x with x

5. Continue adding the other flowers, layer by layer, so if you pull it slightly it would be like a spiral.

6. With the quilling stick curl the flowers like you would do in quilling. 

what it should look like.
 7. Add glue on the flower ( I placed mine in the middle, but just play around with it, especially if you want to angle your flower to face a certain way)

8. And stick your curled flower in!! And this is the final product..

I hope that helps, I am not very good at describing things, so I hope the picture helps.

<3 Keke

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