Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A house, and another house and MORE houses!!

So I have decided today to upload 'houses' that I made in the pass prior to creating this blog..!! As my collection of goods is very small, I had to actually measure and cut these by hands- so some of it took lots of time- BUT they turned out alright : ) so I am glad!! 

I made this one for my friend, who moved houses as a housewarming card. The hardest part was the roof for the windows, it took so long to stick them, and as you can see the cardboard (red one) was actually very thick. And as it was very thick, there was no envelope or anything.

This one too was for another housewarming, its fairly simple card (apart from the measuring of the house), and I LOVE how the blue works so well with the orange. The picture is not very clear, as I took the picture with my phone, but its still a cute house i reckon :D
The third card I made it earlier this year or late December last year while i was overseas in Indonesia. I like how its plain and simple, the roof took the most time, because I dont have the cutting tool :( so I had to do it the old fashion way, where I folded the paper and in parts and made a chain. I am not sure about the flowers on these either, i wanted it to be simple, so i just hand drew it, but I am not sure if its a positive or negative thing :/

This is my most recent 'house' that I made. I got the template from the website has the nicest templates for HEAAPPPSS of stuff and I am soo glad i found her website. There is sooo many ideas I want to try, but haven't gotten around to it yet, but take a look, maybe you will find some new inspiration

<3 Keke

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