Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Something for my mum : )

I decided to enter my first card making competition at 'Less is More' their theme is a one layer card, with doodling :) There are so many Mother's Day advertisement, so I decided that I would make a card for my mum (and since I haven't made her anything for awhile as well :( )

Here is my original and VERY rough sketch.

And the outcome...!! Tada.. Its very simple card, I am really surprise at how the writing came out, especially since in my opinion, my handwriting is very poor. I also coloured the heart and added a little bit of glitter. Apart from that everything else is just coloured pencils and black ink pen.

<3 Keke


  1. That is such a beautiful card! And awesome drawing! Good luck with the competition.

  2. Hi Keke

    your card is really great - your handwriting is abosolut ok and
    sometimes it doesn't matter if someones handwritting is perfect =>
    mothers can read between the lines and I'm a mother and what I read between your lines is a strong line of good feelings between your Mum and you :-)

    and so I hope you too read between lines because my english -languages knowledge is absolut not perfect :-)

    and => you can draw

  3. I'm sure you Mum will be thrilled with this very personal card for her!
    Thanks so much for joining us, we hope to see you again next time!
    "Less is More"

  4. Oh, this is so sweet! She'll be reminded of you are a girl I'll bet. Love it!

  5. Hola Keke, fantastic doodling girl, remind me the pokemon cartoon girls:D, so sweet and beautiful card. i'm sure for your mother will be a treasure:D
    A hug from Palma de Mallorca Spain

  6. Congrats on entering your first challenge - I'm new to LIM too! You've done a brilliant job with the drawing and handwriting. I bet your mum will love it even more because you did it all by hand :)

  7. Terrific drawing, your Mum will be thrilled to bits
    Super cute card
    Thank you very much
    "Less is More"


Thank-you for your comments, I really appreciate it <3